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Behind the Scenes: The Making of Iconic 80s Rock Music Videos

The Golden Age of Music Videos

The 1980s were a defining era for rock music. The advent of MTV brought the genre to a whole new level, with music videos becoming an essential part of an artist’s success. The videos brought songs to life visually, allowing fans to connect with artists in a new way. The ’80s gave birth to an exciting and eclectic range of music videos that we still cherish today.

The Making of a Rock Music Video

Creating a music video in the ’80s was not as simple as it is today. It required a significant investment of time, money, and resources. The process for creating a music video could take up to several months and involved many people.

The artist and crew would first brainstorm ideas for the video and then pitch them to the label, which would provide the budget for the project. The budget would cover everything from equipment rental to location scouting. In the ’80s, production companies were essential in creating music videos. They specialized in filming, editing, and post-production, which was essential to producing the finished product.

The Key Players in Creating a Music Video

Creating a music video was an intricate process that involved multiple key players. The most critical person in the production of a video was the director. They brought to life the artist’s vision and oversaw everything from the choice of set locations to camera angles.

The cinematographer was responsible for everything that the camera picked up, including lighting, angles, and camera movements. To make a memorable music video, the camera work had to match the artist’s energy and the mood of the song.

The editor was instrumental in piecing together the final product. They used the footage shot by the cinematographer and cleaned it up by removing mistakes and selecting the perfect shots to highlight the artist and the storyline.

Unforgettable 80s Rock Music Videos

The 1980s were a time of experimentation and innovation in music videos, which led to some unforgettable productions. Here are the top 3 iconic rock music videos of the ’80s.

#1. Thriller by Michael Jackson

Thriller by Michael Jackson (1982) was directed by John Landis and is considered the most iconic music video of all time. It was innovative and groundbreaking in its use of storytelling, dance, and horror elements. The production was elaborate and costly, and it featured cinematic quality visual effects that served to tell a story that captivated audiences worldwide.

#2. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine (1988) was directed by Nigel Dick and featured the band playing in a run-down ballroom. The video was simple and straightforward, allowing the band to showcase their musical talent, raw energy, and captivating personalities. It’s still a fan favorite to this day.

#3. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (1983) was directed by Steve Barron. It was innovative in its use of effects such as the illuminated pavement and shadows, dance moves, and fashion that became a signature of Michael Jackson. The video brought to life Michael Jackson’s unique style and spotlighted him as a true musical legend.

In Conclusion

The creation of ’80s rock music videos was a complex process that involved multiple key players. The result was an era of groundbreaking, iconic videos that we still cherish today. From innovative storytelling to cinematic-quality visual effects, the music videos of the ’80s laid the foundation for an entire generation of music lovers and creators. As we continue to enjoy these timeless works of art, we can appreciate the intricate and creative processes that went behind their making.