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Classic 90s teen movies: A retrospective look at fashion

The 90s gave us some of the most iconic movies that still remain popular today. From teenage misfits and their coming-of-age stories to epic romances, these movies brought to light the trends and fashion of the era. One thing that we can’t forget is the way these movies influenced the fashion of the time, and how they still influence us today. In this article, we’ll take a look back at some of the most popular teen movies of the 90s, and how they influenced the fashion trends of the time.

The Fashion of 90s Teen Movies

When it comes to fashion in the 90s, there was no shortage of inspiration from teen movies. From clueless fashionistas to grunge-loving rebels, these movies influenced the way we dressed and expressed ourselves. Whether you were a fan of girly, preppy styles or more alternative looks, there was a teen movie that had something for everyone.


Clueless, a cult classic, was a treasure trove of fashion. With its plaid skirts, knee-high socks, and matching sets, it made an indelible impact on the world of fashion. Everyone wanted to be Cher Horowitz, the epitome of Beverly Hills style. Her knee-high socks, plaid skirts, and preppy wardrobe were all the rage in the 90s. And let’s not forget the unforgettable yellow plaid blazer, which is still a fashion icon today. Clueless showed us that fashion could be fun and playful while still being stylish.

The Craft

The Craft was as much about witchcraft as it was about fashion. The movie introduced us to the goth look, with its black clothing, dark makeup, and platform shoes. It created a new way for young individuals to express themselves and brought goth fashion into the mainstream. No 90s teen wardrobe was complete without a black choker necklace, thanks to the movie’s iconic wardrobe.


The quintessential slasher film of the 90s, Scream introduced us to the horror genre while showcasing the latest trends in fashion. The movie’s character Sidney Prescott became a fashion icon thanks to her effortlessly cool style that included denim jackets, crop tops, ripped jeans, and leather jackets. Her style was feminine, badass, and practical all at the same time, and it’s no surprise it has remained popular till today.

How These Movies Still Influence Our Styles Today

The fashion in 90s teen movies was timeless. While some trends and pieces have obviously gone out of style, many have remained popular even today. Many of these movies’ fashion staples – chokers, plaid skirts, denim jackets – have made comebacks in recent years.

Clueless has become a blueprint for girly, preppy fashion, and Cher’s iconic outfits have continued to inspire similar looks. The movie’s yellow plaid blazer, which sparked a trend in 90s, has made a comeback in recent years, only confirming that ’90s fashion can truly never be out of style.

Crop tops and ripped jeans from Scream have become a staple in the fashion world. As for The Craft, the goth fashion we saw in the movie has remained popular even today, influencing the emo and grunge movements.

The Bottom Line

90s movies had a significant influence on the fashion industry, and they continue to shape our styles today. The 90s influence cannot be ignored from street fashion to high-end fashion. These teen classics gave us a lot more than just memorable quotes and iconic love stories. They gave us an endless supply of fashion inspiration that we will continue to draw upon for many years to come.

Next time you’re stuck in a fashion rut, you may just want to reach for classic 90s teen movies for some inspiration. With these legendary movies, you can never go wrong!