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Crazy Voice Actor Cameos in TV Shows: Hugh Jackman as Himself in an Episode of “The Simpsons

Have you ever watched a TV show and heard a voice that you just couldn’t place? Sometimes, it’s because the actor is using a different accent or voice than their usual one. Other times, it’s because the actor is doing a cameo as themselves. That’s right – sometimes, famous actors lend their voices to animated characters, and it can be pretty hilarious. In this article, we’re going to talk about one of the craziest voice actor cameos in TV show history: Hugh Jackman as himself in an episode of “The Simpsons.”

The Episode

In the 22nd season of “The Simpsons,” there’s an episode titled “The Fool Monty.” In it, Mr. Burns loses all of his money, so he’s forced to go to a recycling plant to scavenge for supplies. There, he meets a group of homeless people, including Hugh Jackman. Yes, you read that right – Hugh Jackman is a homeless person in “The Simpsons.”

The Cameo

In the episode, Jackman barely looks like himself. He has a beard, long hair, and is wearing dirty clothes. When Burns asks him for help, Jackman responds with a line that only he could deliver: “Wolverines don’t get jobs, we take what we want!”

It’s clear from that line that Jackman is aware of his action-star status, and he’s willing to poke fun at it. But that’s not the end of his cameo in the episode. Later on, there’s a song-and-dance number (as there often is in “The Simpsons”), and Jackman takes center stage. He sings a parody of “I’ve Never Been to Me,” which is called “I’ve Never Seen a Homeless Man Who Looks Like Hugh Jackman.”

It’s a pretty silly song, but it’s also pretty perfect. After all, Jackman doesn’t look like himself in this episode, and yet it’s still undeniable that it’s him. The song also has some pretty funny lyrics, like “There’s my fridge, stainless steel / There’s my car, it’s unreal / And where’s that guy who played Wolverine? / Have you seen Hugh Jackman?”

Other Crazy Voice Actor Cameos

It’s not just Hugh Jackman who has done a crazy voice actor cameo in a TV show. Here are a few others:

Mark Hamill in “The Simpsons”

Mark Hamill, best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” franchise, voiced himself in a 2004 episode of “The Simpsons.” In the episode, the Simpsons go to a sci-fi convention, where they meet Hamill. In a pretty ironic twist, Hamill tells Bart that he can’t use the Force to cheat on his math test.

Elon Musk in “Rick and Morty”

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, made a brief cameo in a 2018 episode of “Rick and Morty.” In it, he appears as himself, trying to escape an explosion. The twist? He’s actually a robot.

Stephen Hawking in “Futurama”

Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist, appeared in multiple episodes of “Futurama” as himself. In the show, Hawking is depicted as a wise, all-knowing being who lives in a floating chair. He was a great addition to the show, and his appearances only added to its geek cred.


Hugh Jackman’s cameo in “The Simpsons” is definitely one of the craziest voice actor cameos in TV show history. It’s so silly and over-the-top, but it still works somehow. And that’s the magic of “The Simpsons” – it can take something as serious as homelessness and turn it into a vehicle for a Hugh Jackman song-and-dance number.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, it’s definitely worth a watch. And if you have seen it, well, maybe it’s time for a re-watch. Who knows – you might catch something you missed the first time around.