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Critters: An Alien Horror Comedy Film Series

Looking for an alien horror comedy film series that won’t disappoint? Look no further than the cult classic series, Critters. These films have it all: action, humor, and a whole lot of intergalactic terror. In this article, we’ll explore the universe of Critters and why it’s worth checking out.

What Are Critters?

Released in 1986, Critters tells the story of furry, sharp-toothed aliens that wreak havoc on a small Kansas town. These pint-sized extraterrestrials quickly prove to be more than a match for the local authorities, and only a family of farmers armed with shotguns stands between them and total domination.

The original film spawned three sequels, each one more outrageous and over-the-top than the last. Critters 2: The Main Course sees the critters return to the same Kansas town for more carnage, while Critters 3 takes place in an apartment complex in Los Angeles and stars a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Finally, 1992’s Critters 4 takes the series back into space and finds the critters on board a space station.

The Appeal of Alien Horror Comedy

One of the things that sets the Critters series apart from other horror movies is its unique blend of horror and comedy. It’s not easy to balance scares and laughs, but the filmmakers behind Critters managed to do just that. By giving the critters personalities and making them somewhat relatable, they became more than just mindless killing machines. They’re funny, they’re cute, and they’re downright terrifying.

The humor in Critters comes not only from the critters themselves but also from the human characters. The films are full of over-the-top performances and tongue-in-cheek dialogue that keep the mood light even when things are at their darkest. It’s a formula that works, and it’s why the series has maintained a devoted fan base for over 30 years.

The Legacy of Critters

While the Critters series may not have the mainstream appeal of other horror franchises like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street, it has endured in the hearts of fans. In fact, a new Critters TV series premiered on Shudder in 2019, bringing the furry little monsters back to the small screen. The series serves as both a sequel and a reboot of the original film, introducing a new generation of fans to the horror-comedy universe of Critters.

But it’s not just the TV series that’s keeping the Critters legacy alive. The films themselves continue to be popular with horror fans, with new Blu-ray releases and deluxe editions hitting shelves regularly. The series has even inspired its own fan fiction and cosplay, proving that the critters have staying power.

The Bottom Line

Alien horror comedy might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a series that will make you laugh and jump out of your seat, Critters is a must-see. With its unique blend of scares and laughs, it’s a series that has stood the test of time and continues to entertain fans decades after its initial release.

So why not give Critters a chance? You just might find yourself becoming a fan of those cute and cuddly critters yourself.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this article on the Critters film series. Whether you’re already a fan of these furry creatures or have yet to experience the intergalactic terror they bring, we hope this article has piqued your interest. Remember, when it comes to alien horror comedy, there’s nothing quite like Critters. So, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride!