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From Heart-Wrenching Drama to Successful Careers: A Look at the Cast of Party of Five Now

Title: “Where Are They Now: The Cast of Party of Five”

H1: Where Are They Now: The Cast of Party of Five

If you’re a 90s kid, you probably remember the heart-wrenching drama, Party of Five. This show revolved around the Salinger family who lost their parents in a car accident and had to stick together to raise each other. It was a show that touched many viewers’ hearts and still remains a classic. But have you ever wondered what the cast of Party of Five is up to today? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and catch up with the beloved cast members of this iconic TV show.

H2: Neve Campbell (Julia Salinger)

Neve Campbell played Julia Salinger, the eldest sibling trying to navigate her way through college and relationships while raising her brothers and sister. After Party of Five ended, Campbell expanded her career to movies such as Scream and The Craft. She has also appeared in various TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and House of Cards. In addition to acting, Campbell is an activist for various causes such as education and cancer research.

H2: Scott Wolf (Bailey Salinger)

Scott Wolf portrayed Bailey Salinger, the brother who had to grow up quickly to keep the family together. After Party of Five, Wolf continued his acting career with movies like Go and TV shows like Everwood and V. In recent years, he has also made appearances on shows like The Night Shift and The Good Doctor. He is also a devoted family man with a wife and three children.

H2: Matthew Fox (Charlie Salinger)

Matthew Fox played Charlie Salinger, the big brother who had to learn to overcome his own demons while raising his siblings. After Party of Five, Fox became a household name with his leading role on the hit TV show Lost. He also appeared in movies like World War Z. However, Fox has mostly stayed away from the limelight in recent years and has chosen to focus on his family life.

H2: Lacey Chabert (Claudia Salinger)

Lacey Chabert played Claudia Salinger, the baby of the family who had to adapt to being raised by her older siblings. After Party of Five, Chabert became an established voice actress with roles in popular animated shows like Family Guy and The Wild Thornberrys. She has also appeared in various Hallmark Channel movies and made appearances on TV shows like Baby Daddy.

H3: Jennifer Love Hewitt (Sarah Reeves)

Jennifer Love Hewitt played Sarah Reeves, the Salinger family’s neighbor and love interest to Bailey. After Party of Five, Hewitt became a household name with her leading role on the hit TV show Ghost Whisperer. She has also appeared in movies like Heartbreakers and TV shows like The Client List. In addition to acting, Hewitt is also a singer and a published author.

H2: Conclusion

The cast of Party of Five has gone on to have successful careers in the entertainment industry and beyond. While some have stayed in the spotlight and others have chosen to lead more private lives, their impact on popular culture remains undeniable. It’s always interesting to see where our favorite actors end up, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the talented cast of Party of Five.

H3: Call to Action

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to revisit Party of Five, the entire series is available to stream on Hulu. Who knows, maybe a reunion is in the works? Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for more updates on your favorite 90s TV show cast members.