How Technology Has Transformed the Making of Music Videos

Music videos are as old as the television itself and a pivotal part of the music industry. In the early days, music videos were simple and straightforward – they were a way for fans to see their favorite artists performing. But over the years, the style and creativity of music videos have transformed, and technology has played a significant role in this transformation. In this article, we will explore the ways in which technology has revolutionized the making of music videos.

High Definition

The introduction of high-definition technology has changed the game in terms of the quality of music videos. Video footage captured in high definition is crisp and clear, and the colors are vibrant. The technology has enabled artists and directors to shoot music videos in different locations and under various lighting conditions. The final product is more engaging, more visually appealing, and of higher quality.

Green Screens

Green screens have been a staple in the film industry for years, but they are now widely used in music video production. A green screen is a tool used in post-production that allows the filmmaker to add different backgrounds and effects in the video. The technology enables the creation of fantastic special effects, which would have been impossible in the past. Green screens are especially used in rap music videos, where artists can place themselves in scenes that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Drone technology has made it easy for filmmakers to capture aerial footage without the need for expensive equipment. Drones can fly over water, mountains, and other inaccessible areas, which were challenging to film in the past. They have become a popular tool in music video production because they can capture gorgeous panoramic views of nature with ease. Drones have been used in music videos from artists such as Drake, Jaden Smith, and Travis Scott.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that has risen to prominence in recent years and has made its way into the music world. Virtual reality music videos provide fans with a new way to experience music. Users can put on a VR headset and experience a 360-degree view of the music video. VR technology allows for more interaction with the music video, and the viewer can control where they focus and look around the video. Virtual reality music videos can be experienced with or without a VR headset. Artists such as Muse and Gorillaz have created VR music videos.

Editing Software

The introduction of editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro has revolutionized the way music videos are edited. With editing software, we can manipulate the color grading, lighting, and special effects of the music video. Importantly, editing software has made it possible to combine different video shots into one seamless video, thereby creating continuous narratives. The editor can extract the best moments of different videos and merge them into one amazing piece of content.

Social Media

Social media has transformed the way we consume music videos. In the past, TV music video channels such as MTV were the primary way to view music videos. Nowadays, social media has taken over that role, and music videos are often made with social media in mind. Artists will now release their music video premiere on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media has also allowed musicians to connect with their fans on a personal level by giving them insights into their personal lives and behind the scenes of the music video production.


Technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, including the way music videos are made. The introduction of high-definition video, green screens and editing software, have provided advantages never before possible. Social media has also played a huge role in how we consume music videos as well as how artists can move closer to their fans. As technology continues to advance, we can expect more changes to the way music videos are created, and we anticipate it will continue to bring exciting creativity to the art of music video production.