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Iconic ’90s Fashion Trends: The Evolution of Platform Shoes

When we look back at the fashion trends of the ’90s, we can’t forget the iconic platform shoes that took the world by storm. From the Spice Girls to supermodels, platform shoes were a staple in many wardrobes. In this article, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane and explore the history of platform shoes in fashion.

The Beginning of Platform Shoes

The idea of platform shoes dates back to ancient Greece, where actors would wear shoes with high cork soles to increase their height on stage. However, it wasn’t until the 1930s that platform shoes became a popular fashion accessory. At that time, they were known as “orthopedic shoes” and were designed to give extra support to the feet.

During the 1970s, platform shoes became a staple in the disco scene. They were often worn with flared pants and were a symbol of rebellion for the counterculture movement. In the ’90s, platform shoes made a comeback, but this time, their popularity went beyond the disco scene.

Platform Shoes in the ’90s

The ’90s were a time of experimentation and bold fashion choices. Platform shoes were no exception. From chunky sneakers to towering heels, platform shoes came in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most famous platform shoes of the ’90s were the ones worn by the Spice Girls.

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls took the world by storm in the mid-’90s, and their platform shoes were just as famous as their music. Each member had their own unique style, but one thing they all had in common was their love for platform shoes. Whether they were performing on stage or walking down the street, the Spice Girls rocked platform shoes like nobody else.

The shoes were often chunky and brightly colored, and they were sometimes adorned with glitter or rhinestones. The Spice Girls’ platform shoes were a symbol of girl power, rebellion, and fun.


While the Spice Girls may have made platform shoes popular among teenage girls, supermodels helped make them mainstream. Supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Cindy Crawford were often seen wearing platform shoes on the runway and in fashion magazines.

The supermodels’ platform shoes were often sleeker and more sophisticated than the Spice Girls’ shoes. They were often made from materials like leather or suede and were sometimes adorned with straps or buckles. Supermodels brought a touch of elegance to platform shoes, showing that they could be worn by anyone, no matter what their personal style was.

Platform Shoes Today

While platform shoes may not be as popular today as they were in the ’90s, they’re still a staple in many wardrobes. In recent years, platform sneakers have become a popular trend. Brands like Superga and Buffalo have released platform sneakers that pay homage to the ’90s while still feeling modern and trendy.

Additionally, many contemporary designers have put their own spin on platform shoes. Gucci, for example, has released platform loafers that have become a favorite among fashion influencers. These shoes are sleek and sophisticated, yet still retain the fun and rebellious spirit of the original platform shoes.

In Conclusion

Platform shoes have come a long way since their origins in ancient Greece. From orthopedic shoes to disco staples to ’90s icons, platform shoes have evolved over the years, becoming a symbol of rebellion, fun, and fashion. Today, they continue to be a popular trend, reminding us that fashion is cyclical and that everything old eventually becomes new again.

So, the next time you slip on a pair of platform shoes, think about the history behind them and the iconic fashion moments they’ve been a part of. And, of course, have fun with your fashion choices – after all, that’s what platform shoes are all about!