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Snorks: The Wet and Wild Underwater Adventure You Forgot About

Remember a time when it was Saturday morning and you scrambled to get your bowl of cereal, filled with excitement about the cartoons that were coming on? Those days were filled with so much excitement and laughter, and you may have forgotten about one of those beloved cartoons – Snorks!

What Were the Snorks?

For those who don’t remember, Snorks was an animated TV show that aired from 1984-1989. The show was set in an underwater world called Snorkland and followed the adventures of a group of fish-like creatures – the Snorks. Each Snork had a unique color and a snorkel atop their head, which they used to breathe underwater.

The Snorks lived in the vibrant reef city of Snorkland and often got into all sorts of trouble, typically due to the efforts of the show’s villains, including a group called the Snorkland spies. The show’s plot was quite similar to the highly popular animated TV show, The Smurfs, which debuted in 1981.

Why Did You Love the Snorks?

If you grew up in the 80s, you definitely have a soft spot for the Snorks. One reason they were so beloved was because of their contagious sense of adventure. We loved diving into their world and joining them on all their wacky escapades. They provided us with endless amounts of laughter and enjoyable moments every Saturday morning.

The show was highly imaginative and appealed to kids because it portrayed an underwater world that we all dreamed of being a part of. And with the ocean being such a mysterious and fascinating place, it’s no surprise that a cartoon set there grabbed our attention and imaginations.

What Makes the Snorks Unique?

The Snorks aren’t just a copycat version of The Smurfs, either. The Snorks stand on their own as a unique and entertaining animated series. One of the most notable differences between the two shows is that the Snorks could swim. This means their adventures weren’t limited to their small underwater world. We got to explore new depths of the ocean, where they would encounter all types of fish and sea creatures.

The show’s characters were all quirky and memorable, which helped kids fall in love with the Snorks. The main Snorks in the show include:

  • Allstar Seaworthy – The adventurous leader of the Snorks.
  • Casey Kelp – Allstar’s love interest, a little shy and clumsy.
  • Daffney Gillfin – A diva with an interest in fashion and a hair dryer snorkel.
  • Dimitris “Dimmy” Finster – The youngest of the Snorks, but he can hold his own when it matters.

Why Do the Snorks Still Matter?

Families with young children will love the Snorks because it’s a show that parents may have watched as kids and will be excited to share with the next generation. Additionally, the show’s themes center around issues like friendship, teamwork, and accepting others’ differences. These are universal lessons that still resonate with kids today.

The Snorks represent a more carefree time in kids’ television that many may miss. Watching the show will transport you back to that time when life was simpler, and cartoons were the order of the day on Saturday mornings. The Snorks have stood the test of time, and if anything, they’ve gotten better with age. They are still a fantastic show that parents and kids can enjoy together today.


The Snorks were a beloved show filled with fun and adventure that children from the 80s grew up with. The characters still hold a special place in our hearts for their wacky and gleeful aquatic ambiance. Now that we’ve all grown up, we can still enjoy the series with children of our own and teach them the important lessons and values the show instilled in us. So, grab some snacks and snacks and dive into the aquatic world of the Snorks..because weekends are meant for adventure.