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The Best and Worst Fashion from 80s Sitcoms

The 80s were a time of bold fashion choices, and 80s sitcoms were no exception. From the oversized blazers of The Cosby Show to the neon spandex of Saved by the Bell, these shows gave us plenty of iconic fashion moments, for better or for worse. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best and worst fashion from 80s sitcoms.

The Best:

1. The Golden Girls

This show was known for its use of bold prints and bright colors, and the fashion choices of its four leading ladies were no exception. From Dorothy’s shoulder-padded blazers to Blanche’s floral dresses, their outfits were always eye-catching and memorable. The best part? These looks are still inspiring fashion trends today, from oversized earrings to animal prints.

2. Family Ties

Family Ties was a show about a family with a conservative mother and a liberal father, and their three children. The fashion choices on this show reflected that contrast, with the preppy looks of Alex and Mallory clashing with the more bohemian styles of their parents. Despite the differences in style, the fashion on this show was always on-point and has remained a source of inspiration for modern-day fashion trends, such as oversized blazers and bold patterns.

3. The Cosby Show

This show was a cultural icon, known for both its heartwarming family moments and its fashion. While some of the outfits on this show have not aged well (we’re looking at you, Bill Cosby’s sweaters), there were still some fashion moments that stand the test of time. Claire’s oversized blazers, Denise’s funky prints, and Theo’s colorful sweaters are just a few examples. The Cosby Show proved that bold fashion choices could still be timeless.

The Worst:

1. Punky Brewster

This show was a hit in the 80s, but the fashion choices were not always on-point. Punky’s mix-and-match style, combining neon colors and bold patterns, was certainly memorable, but not always in the best way. Her signature mismatched shoes were a hit with kids at the time, but let’s be honest, would you wear them today?

2. Small Wonder

The fashion on Small Wonder was as strange as the premise of the show. Vicki, the robot girl, often wore unflattering, boxy outfits that did not do her any favors. Even the human characters on the show, such as the mother Joan, wore frumpy, outdated clothing that would make anyone cringe today.

3. Alf

While ALF the extraterrestrial may have been a lovable character, the fashion on this show was not always as endearing. From Willie’s oversized suits to Lynn’s frilly dresses, the fashion on this show was often tacky and over-the-top.


While the fashion choices from 80s sitcoms may be polarizing, they were undeniably bold and memorable. Whether you are inspired by the colorful prints of The Golden Girls or cringe at the thought of Vicki’s boxy outfits on Small Wonder, there is no denying that these shows left a lasting impact on our fashion choices. So break out the shoulder pads and neon colors, and let’s pay homage to the fashion of the 80s sitcoms.

What were some of your favorite and least favorite fashion moments from 80s sitcoms? Let us know in the comments!