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The Best Supporting TV Characters: Top 10 Great Episodes from the US Version of The Office

Are you a fan of The Office? Whether you are a die-hard who has watched every episode multiple times or just getting started, there is one thing we can all agree on – the show wouldn’t be the same without its supporting characters. From the socially inept Dwight to the lovable receptionist, Pam, this mockumentary-style sitcom would not be what it is today without these characters. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 great episodes featuring the best supporting TV characters from the US version of The Office.

1. “Diversity Day”

The second episode of the first season introduces the uncomfortable and hilarious concept of “Diversity Day.” Michael’s lack of sensitivity training leads to some of the most cringe-worthy moments in the show’s history. Meanwhile, Dwight’s authoritarian nature clashes with Jim’s laid-back style.

Standout supporting character: Stanley Hudson

Stanley, the gruff and unimpressed salesperson, provides a voice of reason and sarcasm that is desperately needed in this episode. From his eye rolls to his deadpan delivery, Stanley delivers the perfect antidote to Michael’s misguided attempts at diversity training.

2. “The Dundies”

The first season finale centers around Michael’s beloved “Dundie Awards,” which quickly become a source of embarrassment for the Scranton branch. Meanwhile, Jim’s prank on Dwight escalates, and Pam finds herself dealing with the aftermath of a drunken evening.

Standout supporting character: Creed Bratton

Creed, the enigmatic and unpredictable quality assurance representative, steals every scene he is in. Whether he is stealing the awards or uttering bizarre quips, Creed’s presence adds a layer of chaos to this already frenzied episode.

3. “The Client”

In season 2’s 7th episode, the Scranton branch lands a major client, leading to a hilarious and awkward dinner with Jan Levinson, Michael’s emotionally complex boss. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam’s flirtation reaches new heights.

Standout supporting character: Kevin Malone

Kevin, the lovable but bumbling accountant, shines in this episode as he deals with an embarrassing spill and his ongoing quest for snacks. Kevin’s charm and childlike innocence are always a welcome addition to the show.

4. “Booze Cruise”

Season 2’s “Booze Cruise” takes the cast and audience on a hilarious and slightly uncomfortable boat ride. Michael’s attempts at team building lead to some predictably disastrous results, while Jim and Roy’s tensions continue to simmer.

Standout supporting character: Captain Jack

Captain Jack, the gruff and seasoned seaman, delivers a memorable performance as he tries to keep Michael’s antics in check. Captain Jack’s exasperation with Michael’s foolishness is relatable and hilarious.

5. “The Injury”

In season 2’s 12th episode, Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill, leading to a series of escalating mishaps and misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Dwight experiences a concussion and becomes even more erratic than usual.

Standout supporting character: Karen Filippelli

Karen, the talented and level-headed salesperson who later becomes a love interest for Jim, makes her debut in this episode. Karen’s introduction adds a refreshing element to the show’s dynamic, and her calm demeanor stands in stark contrast to Michael and Dwight’s over-the-top antics.

6. “The Convict”

In season 3’s 9th episode, Michael discovers that one of his employees is a former convict, leading to a series of increasingly absurd scenarios. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam’s relationship takes a step forward.

Standout supporting character: Prison Mike

Yes, that’s right – Prison Mike. Michael’s alter ego in this episode is over-the-top and ridiculous, but also provides a glimpse into Michael’s vulnerability and insecurities. Prison Mike’s antics are cringe-worthy but undeniably entertaining.

7. “Phyllis’s Wedding”

In season 3’s 15th episode, Phyllis gets married and the Scranton branch must deal with a variety of wedding-related mishaps. Meanwhile, Jim is tasked with keeping an eye on Dwight, who is determined to make a move on Angela.

Standout supporting character: Bob Vance

Bob Vance, Phyllis’s eccentric and possessive husband, steals every scene he is in. Bob’s bizarre proclamations and fixation on his company, Vance Refrigeration, are hilarious and memorable.

8. “The Deposition”

Season 4’s 8th episode sees Michael being deposed as part of a lawsuit involving his former employer, Dunder Mifflin. Meanwhile, tensions between Jim and Karen continue to simmer, and Dwight becomes the temporary office manager.

Standout supporting character: Holly Flax

Holly, the bubbly and endearing HR representative, makes her first appearance in this episode, and it’s easy to see why she becomes such a beloved character. Holly’s quirky personality and chemistry with Michael provide a glimpse into a potential future for the series.

9. “Cafe Disco”

Season 5’s 27th episode takes a break from the usual office setting and sees Michael transforming the empty space downstairs into a disco. Meanwhile, Jim deals with some personal issues, and Dwight and Andy pursue Angela.

Standout supporting character: Phyllis Vance

Phyllis’s transformation into a disco queen is unexpected and delightful. Her dance moves are a highlight of the episode, and her newfound confidence is infectious.

10. “Costume Contest”

In season 7’s 6th episode, the Scranton branch competes in a Halloween costume contest. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam’s relationship hits a rough patch, and Andy and Dwight continue their rivalry for Angela.

Standout supporting character: Erin Hannon

Erin, the bubbly and naive receptionist who replaces Pam in season 5, provides a fresh and much-needed perspective in this episode. Erin’s enthusiasm and childlike wonder are infectious, and her costume is definitely a highlight of the episode.


The Office would not be the beloved sitcom it is today without its incredible supporting cast. From Stanley’s sarcasm to Holly’s quirkiness, these characters elevated the show and made it the icon it is today. By revisiting these best supporting TV characters and their defining episodes, audiences can relive the moments that made us laugh and cry over the course of nine seasons.