The Forgotten Classic Arcade Games: A Look Back

Arcade games were the cornerstone of our childhoods, but there are a few games that never quite made it to the mainstream. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of these forgotten gems. Let’s dive in!

Phoenix (1980)

Phoenix was a game that was ahead of its time. It had a storyline, boss battles, and a unique gameplay system. It was a shoot ‘em up game where you played as a spaceship and your mission was to fly through space and destroy enemy ships and bases. What made Phoenix special was that it was one of the first games to have boss battles. The game would pit you against a giant alien boss at the end of every level, which added an extra layer of excitement and challenge.

Rally-X (1980)

Rally-X was a racing game that had a maze-like structure. The game was simple—drive around the maze and collect flags while avoiding enemy cars and rocks. The game was incredibly addictive, and the maze structure made each playthrough unique. Rally-X was one of the first games to have a proper ending. If you collected all the flags, you would unlock a bonus stage and be rewarded with a high score.

Congo Bongo (1983)

Congo Bongo was a game that tried to do something different. It was a platformer where you played as a character named Bongo, who had to navigate through a jungle while avoiding obstacles and enemies. What made Congo Bongo unique was that it used isometric graphics, which gave the game a 3D effect. The graphics were colorful, and the jungle music added to the immersive experience. Congo Bongo wasn’t the most popular game, but it was definitely one of the most unique.

Burgertime (1982)

Burgertime was a cooking game where you played as a chef named Peter Pepper, who had to make burgers while avoiding enemy food items. Burgertime was unique because it used a joystick and buttons instead of a traditional controller. The gameplay was fast-paced, and the objective was to make as many burgers as possible before the enemies caught up to you. The game was incredibly popular during its time, but it has since been forgotten.

Mappy (1983)

Mappy was a game that combined platforming and puzzle-solving. You played as a mouse named Mappy, who had to traverse through a building while avoiding cats. The gameplay involved using trampolines to get to different floors, collecting items, and avoiding obstacles. Mappy had vibrant graphics, and the gameplay was challenging yet rewarding. Mappy wasn’t as popular as other games during its time, but it was definitely a classic that’s worth revisiting today.


And there you have it! These forgotten classic arcade games might not be as popular as Pac-Man or Space Invaders, but they still played a vital role in shaping the history of arcade gaming. These games challenged us, entertained us, and kept us coming back for more. If you’re feeling nostalgic, give these games a try!