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The Last Dragon: The Kung-Fu Musical You’ve Been Missing

It’s time to sharpen your martial arts skills, warm up your vocal cords, and get ready for The Last Dragon: The Kung-Fu Musical. This cult classic is a martial arts musical with a hip, funky twist, and will take you on a journey through 1980s Harlem. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you’re missing out on some serious fun.

What is The Last Dragon?

The Last Dragon was a box-office hit when it was released in 1985. Kung-Fu movies were insanely popular in the ‘80s, and The Last Dragon was one of the first movies that combined martial arts with music and dance. The movie was directed by Michael Schultz, who is best known for directing movies like Car Wash and Cooley High.

The Last Dragon tells the story of Leroy Green, a young Black martial arts enthusiast from Harlem who idolizes Bruce Lee. Leroy is tirelessly practicing his martial arts, hoping to earn the mantle of “The Last Dragon,” a mystical kung-fu master who possesses immense power and wisdom. However, he finds himself the target of a local gangster named Sho’Nuff, who wants to prove he’s the baddest martial artist around.

The Last Dragon Soundtrack

The Last Dragon is known for its catchy music, which was composed by Motown legend Berry Gordy. The soundtrack features hit songs by popular artists like Stevie Wonder, Vanity, and DeBarge, among others. The Last Dragon soundtrack was a commercial success, and the song “Rhythm of the Night” by DeBarge remains a cult favorite to this day.

The Last Dragon Cast

The Last Dragon features a talented cast that brings the story to life. Taimak, who played the protagonist Leroy Green, was a relative newcomer to Hollywood, but he delivered an impressive performance as the kung-fu fanatic who wants to become “The Last Dragon.” Vanity, a Canadian singer, played the female lead Laura Charles, and Julius Carry played the movie’s memorable villain Sho’Nuff.

The Last Dragon Legacy

The Last Dragon was a significant milestone in Black cinema. The movie starred an all-Black cast and crew, and it was one of the first mainstream films to feature Black martial arts actors. The Last Dragon helped shape the martial arts genre while reflecting the cultural and social dynamics of the ‘80s.

The movie has since become a cult classic, beloved by fans for its unique blend of martial arts and music. The Last Dragon has inspired countless homages and parodies in pop culture, from music videos to TV shows and even a video game called “Shaq Fu.”

Why You Need to Watch The Last Dragon

If you’re a fan of nostalgia and the ‘80s and haven’t watched The Last Dragon, it’s time to do yourself a favor and check it out. The movie is a blend of kung-fu action, music, and comedy that’s perfect for a fun movie night. You’ll enjoy the iconic scenes of Leroy practicing martial arts in his dojo, the showdown with Sho’Nuff, and the entertaining musical numbers.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to introduce younger generations to a hilarious time capsule of ‘80s pop culture. You can show them how kung-fu movies paved the way for modern martial arts movies and even inspire them to try martial arts themselves.

The Last Dragon: The Kung-Fu Musical You’ve Been Missing

The Last Dragon was a groundbreaking movie that blended kung-fu movies and music. It has become a cult classic, beloved for its catchy soundtrack, talented cast, and unique blend of action, music, and comedy. Watch this ‘80s gem and experience the magic of the martial arts musical for yourself.

So grab your popcorn, fire up the DVD player, and get ready to enjoy The Last Dragon: The Kung-Fu Musical You’ve Been Missing.