Welcome to RFGC, where we delve into all the latest pop culture trends with a fun and creative twist. Today, we're talking about the classic '90s film, The Craft, and the wicked ways of the witches in this cult classic. Released in 1996, The Craft follows four teenage girls who discover they have magical powers and form a coven to explore their newfound abilities. Nancy, played by Fairuza Balk, quickly becomes the group leader and begins to push the boundaries of what is ethical and safe when using magic. One of the most iconic scenes in the film is when the girls cast a spell to make Chris, a boy who has been harassing Sarah (the main character played by Robin Tunney), fall in love with her. While this initially seems like a harmless act of revenge, the spell quickly spirals out of control and leads to dangerous consequences for all involved. Throughout the film, the witches use their powers to manipulate, intimidate, and harm others for their own selfish desires. This is a fascinating portrayal of the dark side of magic and how power can corrupt even the purest of intentions. But as much as we love to hate the wicked ways of the witches in The Craft, we can't help but be drawn to their fierce confidence and unapologetic attitude. They challenge societal norms and expectations, and prove that women can be powerful and in control. In the end, The Craft is a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked power and reminds us that with great power comes great responsibility (thanks, Uncle Ben!). But it also celebrates the idea that there is strength in unity and that women can empower each other to achieve greatness. So, whether you're a fan of witchcraft or just love a good '90s cult classic, The Craft is a film that will always fascinate and thrill audiences with its wicked ways of the witches.

The Wicked Ways of The Witches in The Craft


The Craft (1996) is a cult classic horror film that explored a coven of teenage witches and their journey into the dark paths of witchcraft. The film was propelled into pop culture relevance with its themes of female empowerment and rebellion. However, what truly elevates The Craft from being just another run-of-the-mill supernatural horror film, are the wicked ways of the witches portrayed in the movie. In this article, we will delve into the diabolical acts of The Craft witches and how they made the movie an unforgettable viewing experience.

Undermining Authority Figures:

From their very first appearance on screen, The Craft witches establish themselves as rebellious outsiders who have a disdain for authority figures. They are against any form of control or oppression that threatens to limit their freedom and power. The witches disregard and fear of authority is what led them to use witchcraft to assert themselves.

The most iconic example of this rebellion can be found in the scene where the witches cast a spell on their abusive patriarchal classmate. They harness the power of the spirit and use it to teach him a lesson, causing him to regret his past behavior and amend his ways. The witches did not wait for the system to offer them a solution; instead, they used their powers to take matters into their own hands.

Unleashing Their Dark Sides:

The witches’ power also brought out their dark and twisted personas. Their spells and rituals were fueled by their desire to push their limits and have fun with their burgeoning powers. This was exemplified in the infamous scene where the witches engage in a ritualistic dance under the moonlight. As the dance intensifies, they lose themselves to their power, becoming reckless and violent.

Their burgeoning powers not only allowed them to pursue their desires but also gave them the ability to seek revenge on those who wronged them. In the film, the witches use their powers to kill some of their naysayers, including their classmates who bullied and mocked them. The witches used their power to justify their violent behavior and masked it under the guise of justice.

The Temptation of Power:

One of the underlying themes of The Craft is the temptation of power and how it can corrupt even the purest of intentions. When the witches first discover their powers, they are excited and thrilled, but as they begin to gain more control, they become increasingly intoxicated with their abilities. They lose themselves in power and wealth, making rash decisions that lead to disastrous consequences.

This was evident in the scene where the witches use their power to alter their physical features for fun. They used magic to change their eye color, hair, and even their scars to appear normal. However, this led to unwanted attention, and they had to use magic again to cover up their tracks, ultimately leading to an even greater disaster.

The Price of their Power:

As their powers grew stronger, the witches began to realize that there is always a price to pay for using magic. The use of power comes with negative consequences such as paranoia, loss of control, and, ultimately, facing the consequences of their decisions.

The witches’ power became their undoing when they became careless and vengeful, leading to the overwhelming negative consequences that culminated in the film’s final and most intense sequence.


The Craft witches served as the embodiment of the rebellious and seductive nature of witchcraft. Their wicked ways were influential in making the movie the classic it is today. The unpredictability of their behavior and their ever-growing desire for power is the defining characteristic of these teenage witches. However, it should be noted that The Craft is purely a work of fiction, and no real-life witchcraft should be taken lightly.

Overall, the wicked ways of The Craft witches showcased the darker side of witchcraft and the allure of temptation. The film was a perfect mix of horror and teenage drama that provided an entertaining and substantial viewing experience for audiences. So, if you’re looking for an impactful and entertaining portrayal of witches with a touch of danger and humor, “The Craft” is the way to go.