The Worst Movie Cars of All Time

When it comes to movie cars, there are some iconic rides that stand the test of time. But not every vehicle that graces the silver screen is a star. In fact, some are so terrible that they might as well be considered villains. From terrible designs to impractical features, here are the worst movie cars of all time.

The Homer (The Simpsons Movie)

In “The Simpsons Movie,” Homer’s dream car is an absolute nightmare. Dubbed simply “The Homer,” the car is a hodgepodge of terrible design choices. It has two bubble domes on top (because who needs a rearview mirror?), a massive tailfin (even though it’s not a plane), and three horns that play “La Cucaracha.” It’s obvious that The Homer is a commentary on the ridiculousness of car customization, and it’s certainly memorable, but it makes for one ugly ride.

The Car (The Car)

The titular car in the 1977 horror movie “The Car” is, well, a car. But it’s an evil car that seems to have a mind of its own. It terrorizes a small town, mowing down pedestrians and crushing cop cars with ease. While the car itself is a pretty cool-looking 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III, it’s hardly practical for everyday use. And once it becomes possessed, it’s even less appealing. If you see this ride coming down the road, it’s time to run.

The Ecto-1A (Ghostbusters II)

The Ecto-1A from “Ghostbusters II” isn’t necessarily a bad-looking car, but its over-the-top modifications make it a bit of an eyesore. The original Ecto-1 from the first “Ghostbusters” movie is a classic, with its vintage hearse design and iconic logo. But the Ecto-1A takes it too far with blaring sirens, flashing lights, and gaudy decals. It’s no wonder that it draws so much attention from both the good guys and the bad guys in the film.

The Mach 5 (Speed Racer)

On the surface, the Mach 5 from “Speed Racer” seems like a pretty cool car. It’s sleek, fast, and has all sorts of hi-tech gadgets like rotating saw blades and homing pigeons (yes, really). But in reality, it’s totally impractical. The cockpit is tiny and the chairs are hard-backed stools, which doesn’t exactly scream comfort. And the car’s infamous “jump jacks” are likely to cause more harm than good. Plus, who needs a homing pigeon when you have GPS?

The War Rig (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Before you get mad, hear us out. The War Rig from “Mad Max: Fury Road” is actually a pretty awesome vehicle, with its massive wheels, armored plating, and flamethrowers. But it’s also a terrible car. For starters, it’s incredibly hard to drive, as evidenced by Furiosa’s white-knuckled grip on the wheel throughout the movie. And while it’s certainly intimidating, it’s not exactly practical for everyday use. Also, where do you even park that thing?

The Magic School Bus (The Magic School Bus)

Okay, so technically the Magic School Bus isn’t a movie car, but we couldn’t leave it off the list. The iconic bus from the beloved animated series is a totally impractical way to transport a class of kids to school. It’s a school bus that can fly, shrink, and transform into anything from a boat to a spaceship. Plus, it’s powered by a magical teacher who can change her size and shape at will. While the Magic School Bus is definitely a fun concept, it’s not exactly realistic (but who cares, it’s magical!).

The Green Hornet’s Black Beauty (The Green Hornet)

In “The Green Hornet,” the titular hero’s car is supposed to be a cool, crime-fighting ride. But the Black Beauty is far from slick. It’s an ostentatious 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown that’s been heavily modified with guns and missiles. But the Black Beauty is also a bit of a gas guzzler, which doesn’t make it the most practical choice for crime-fighting. Plus, it’s not exactly stealthy – the car’s green headlights and neon trim make it pretty hard to blend in.

The Flintstones’ Footmobile (The Flintstones)

The Flintstones may have been the original car-haters. In their world, the only mode of transportation is the Footmobile. This prehistoric vehicle is made entirely of stone (because what could be safer?), and is powered by, you guessed it, feet. While it may be charming to imagine cavemen commuting to work this way, the Footmobile is hardly a practical mode of transportation. Plus, it’s not exactly aerodynamic.

The Batman and Robin Batmobiles (Batman & Robin)

The “Batman & Robin” movie from 1997 is often remembered for its atrocious script, over-the-top acting, and terrible production design. The Batmobiles in the film are no exception. The main Batmobile is a long, phallic monstrosity that looks like it belongs in a futuristic steampunk movie. And don’t even get us started on the ice-themed Batmobiles that Batman and Robin use to “surf” through Gotham. While the Batmobile has always been a bit outlandish, the versions in “Batman & Robin” take things to a whole new (and terrible) level.

The Caravan of Courage (The Ewok Adventure)

The 1984 film “The Ewok Adventure” is a dubious addition to the “Star Wars” canon, but it also gave us one of the worst movie cars of all time: the Caravan of Courage. This ramshackle vehicle is basically a rickety carriage pulled by a giant alien dandelion (yes, really). While it may be a unique mode of transportation in the “Star Wars” universe, it’s hardly something you’d want to take on a long road trip.


There you have it – the worst movie cars of all time. From impractical design choices to outrageous features, these rides are definitely unforgettable, even if they’re not exactly desirable. While they may make for fun viewing on the big screen, we wouldn’t recommend taking any of them for a joyride.