“Top 10 Hilarious Running Jokes in Arrested Development”

Top 10 Arrested Development Running Jokes

Top 10 Arrested Development Running Jokes

1. “I’ve made a huge mistake”

Perhaps the most iconic running gag in Arrested Development, this line is often said by various characters throughout the show after they do something wrong, usually resulting in hilarious consequences. From Gob’s failed magic tricks to Buster’s stint in the army, this catchphrase has become synonymous with the show’s humor.

2. The Banana Stand

The Bluth family’s frozen banana stand is a recurring location throughout the show, and has become a symbol of the family’s financial struggles. The phrase “there’s always money in the banana stand” is repeated several times throughout the series, and is ultimately revealed to be quite literal.

3. Tobias’s Never-Nude Condition

Throughout the series, Tobias Fünke insists that he must always wear cutoff jean shorts, even during intimate moments. This quirky trait is known as his “never-nude” condition and is referenced throughout the show, often leading to humorous situations.

4. Franklin

Gob’s puppet, Franklin, is another recurring character in the show and is often the the source of many hilarious moments. Franklin’s catchphrase, “it ain’t easy being white,” has become a fan favorite and is still quoted today.

5. “Her?”

Whenever Michael introduces his sister Lindsay to a friend or potential love interest, they inevitably ask “her?” in a disinterested and confused tone. This running joke pokes fun at Lindsay’s lack of distinguishable qualities, and is made even funnier by Michael’s repeated attempts to set her up with people.

6. “Mr. Manager”

In an attempt to show his business acumen, Michael repeatedly mispronounces the word “manager” as “mister” when referring to himself. This quirk eventually leads to a hilarious misunderstanding with a disgruntled employee who believes Michael is actually someone named “Mr. F.”

7. Lucille’s Love of Alcohol

Lucille Bluth, the matriarch of the Bluth family, is rarely seen without a drink in her hand. Her love of alcohol leads to many humorous situations throughout the show, and has resulted in some of the show’s most memorable lines.

8. “Annyong”

The Bluth family’s adopted Korean son, Annyong, often pops up unexpectedly throughout the show, usually causing chaos in his wake. His catchphrase “annyong,” which translates to “hello” in Korean, has become a fan favorite and is often repeated by fans of the show.

9. The Cornballer

Throughout the show, George Bluth Sr. tries to sell a dangerous kitchen appliance called the Cornballer, which always seems to end in disaster. The Cornballer is a running joke throughout the series and is often referenced in humorous ways.

10. “Steve Holt!”

Steve Holt, the jock son of Gob’s ex-girlfriend, is a recurring character throughout the show and is often the source of many hilarious moments. His catchphrase, which involves him shouting his own name, has become a fan favorite and is often quoted by fans of the show.

Arrested Development is known for its creative and hilarious running jokes, and these ten are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, these running gags are sure to keep you laughing.